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Before publication the author trerba learn as volcanoes and how they originate.

Earth has a molten interior, plate tectonics (The continental crust is typically from 30 km (20 mi) to 50 km (30 mi) thick ... within Mean radius (Earth) 6,371.0 km, which accounts for less than 0.7848% Wiki) .. the moon there is no molten core, there is no plate tectonics neither crust.

If there is a assertion must exist and an explanation, otherwise this is a bad fairy tale like this article.

Zoom Into the Moon's 'Fire Fountain' Volcano Past with NASA Video
By  | September 5, 2016 08:36am ET

Great is the difference in rotation speed between spiral and elliptical galaxies.
Centre Milky Way galaxy has a diameter of 30,000 ly vertically and 40,000 ly around the equator, intermediate-mass black hole ~ 10 3 km ≈ R Earth or Supermassive black hole ~ 0001 to 400 AU
(They have seen a black hole in action! ...?) 

Which measuring instrument can measure through 20,000 ly layer of matter?
We do not have data for satellites of Haumea and Eris in our system, We can not penetrate through Jupiter's atmosphere from orbit around Jupiter, but we have "strong evidence" for a black hole beneath thick layers of matter 20.000ly.

Milky Way's 'Blowout Bash' May Explain Galaxy's Missing Mass
By Samantha Mathewson, Staff Writer | September 1, 2016 07:15am ET

The center of the Milky Way was once incredibly active, with a superenergetic quasar feeding the galaxy's central black hole. However, 6 million years ago, the Milky Way's black hole marked its transition to hibernation with the explosion of the quasar, and shock waves from that explosion can still be seen today,...


"Because the fossils contain a variety of iron that is most likely the product of a supernova event that occurred light-years from Earth, .."

"Sun Photospheric composition (by mass) Hydrogen 73.46%, 24.85% Helium, Oxygen 0.77%, 0.29% Carbon, Iron 0.16%, 0.12% Neon, Nitrogen 0.09%, 0.07% Silicon .."
"The amount of matter contained in the Crab Nebula's filaments (ejecta mass of ionized and neutral gas; mostly helium) is estimated to be 4.6 ± 1.8 mass Sun." Wikipedia

If the iron trace at the stars and the remnants after supernovae what it should be the star of the author of the article, as half the mass of the galaxy?

Supernova ash has been discovered in fossils that were created by bacteria on Earth, a new study finds. ...


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Apr 11, 2016 4:32

"Scientists have seen fractures on Pluto before, which they say are created when water-ice crust on Pluto expands and causes the surface to crack."

Will be very careful with the claims for the behavior of ice at a maximum temperature of -210 ° C.

Pluto A new geological feature on Pluto, informally called a "spider," is puzzling geologists.

Icy 'Spider' Spotted on Pluto in NASA Image (Video)
By Elizabeth Howell, Contributor


13. travnja u 7:18

" A standard candle, supernovae (and, specifically, ones known as Type Ia) are the supremely bright that they allow us to measure some truly awe-inspiring distances, over halfway to the edge of the observable universe."

Article would become interesting when would give an answer, when measuring the distance exceeds in measurement ages?

klaster Credit: European Southern Observatory

Astronomically Far Away: How to Measure the Universe

By  | April 12, 2016


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Gravitational Waves: Did Merging Black Holes Form from Single Star?

- See more at: Gravitational Waves

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Gravity waves (gravity = attractive force of matter) should be travel toward the body, not of the body.
Here is deliberately passed over in silence that are actually talking about the waves that arise due to the rotation of the body about an axis.
Feb 27, 2016 3:38pm

Larry Hale · Cornell University
No - a gravity wave is the perturbation of spacetime caused by a rapidly rotating extremely dense non-spherical mass conglomerate. A highly rotating extremely large spherical mass will frame drag spacetime but produce extremely small or no gravity waves.

As to your plagiarism assertion, all great scientists and thinkers like Einstein leveraged from those before.
Feb 27, 2016 10:48pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Larry Hale
I must repeat, gravity is an attractive force, repulsive forces that keep the body in orbit waves that as a result of the rotation transmitting body.
For this you have millions of examples on Earth and in everyday life. Spacetime has nothing to do.
Plagiarism was and in the beginning discoveries, the surface is emerged when the (hypothetical) black hole exceeds on body with rotation as what is pulsar. It's not a more Einstein work, already my work.
It exactly tells this article.
Feb 28, 2016 7:28am

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Gravity is depresion in spacetime not the wave.
Gravitational wave is something completely different. Gravitational wave is at light speed propagating "pressure" wave applied on spacetime structure.
You can visualise it like explosion pressure wave- alternating very high and very low pressure propagating from explosion. The difference between explosion wave(sound) and gravitational wave is in medium. While explosion wave propagates in air, gravitational wave propagates in spacetime itself.
Feb 28, 2016 2:38pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
The article clearly suggests waves produced by the pulsar rotation due
"Millisecond pulsars have extremely predictable arrival times, and our instruments are able to measure them to within a ten-millionth of a second," said Maura McLaughlin, a radio astronomer at West Virginia University in Morgantown and member of the NANOGrav team. "Because of that, we can use them to detect incredibly small shifts in Earth's position."
So the media is the same or is no longer a "gravitational" waves but the waves caused by the rotation of the body.
Feb 28, 2016 4:59pm

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Good article, but you misunderstood it. They want to use pulsars but not detect gravitational waves of pulsars. They want to use them as detectors. Millisecond pulsars are like very exact clocks. We can measure their signal down to 1/10.000.000s. When there is gravitational wave then there is very small shift of earth and we can measure it with very high acuracy. So when binary black holes are orbiting each other we would be able to detect them much much sooner than with LIGO. Those gravity waves will be also of much, much lower frequency than LIGO can detect- because of relatively small dimension of LIGO.
Feb 28, 2016 6:55pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
The essence comes down to the rotation of the body not to gravity. Rotate the body produces waves, gravity does not (attractive force is not reflective).
It is the same with the "black hole" is not known whether suck, or ejected matter (quasars).
Why should regulated binary system approaching or moving toward a collision. The orbits are stable, generally.
Translations of my published article:1. Gravitational waves – a great discovery or a great scandal (a plagiarism)?
Feb 29, 2016 7:25am

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić No. No. NO. The essence comes to that that pulsar is fast spinning neutron star lightning us with its emmisions every few milliseconds. Highly exact timing makes predictable signal. Gravity wave with long wavelegth mekes changes unobservable by smallish LIGO but observable if there is enough pulsars available to distinguish our exact position in space with very high precision.
Gravity well is something different than gravitational wave. Please don't intermix two very different things.
1 · Feb 29, 2016 12:00pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
This becomes virtual, it means outside the reality.
Always and always has to be observed real and proven, not hypothetical.
Please try it apply on the Sun or Sirius ...
Too long pull us through the world of fantasy and things that is impossible to verify.
Again look 7. They have seen a black hole in action! ...?
Do not forget to: knowledge is doubling every two years and faster, not every hundred or thousand years.
Feb 29, 2016 3:38pm

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Your obsession with rotation... there is something called frame dragging made by rotating obects. Frame is spacetime. It is dragged by rotating mass. It makes falling object to change straight line into spiral.
But there is not gravitational wave created as long as there is no "turbolence". You need two centers of mass to make that turbolence . Two black holes, or other two objects would aply. Again there is BUT: Since gravity is weak strong force(it explained that gravity force leaks into parallel realities, and higher dimensions... which makes sense in M theory) you need enormous mass to be transformed from matter into gravitational wave energy. Since neutron stars such as pulsars are light, they can't afford to lose 3-5 weight of Sun grin emoticon (it is not physically possible to loose more weight than you have on disposal), hence gravity waves generated by them would be weak. Probably unmeasurable...
What is outside of reality? Measured gravitational wave? Because it doesn't fit into your world?
1 · Feb 29, 2016 5:33pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
Sirius, Sirius A and B. Three stars here on the doorstep and do not measure the waves.
There is still waning intensity square of the distance. The waves from the 1.3 billion years of light are (however big the initially) much weaker than the waves from Sirius (and the Sun).
Unless there are secret forces which mysticism put before physics.
Gone is the time of throwing dust in the eyes and crows around with new fairy tales. Too much evidence on the table.
I must repeat gravity is an attractive force that is a property of matter (because of bipolarity).
Without of rotation there is no orbit because the process flows rectilinear.
Feb 29, 2016 8:53pm

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Last time I checked, Sirius A, B and there is maybe C are not black holes with tens masses of the sun and they are not about to collide with each other. Those two things are requirements for detection. LIGO is not sensitive enough to detect gravitational waves even in case of closely orbiting massive black holes, it is able to pick signal only during FINAL STAGES OF MERGING when enormous mass of black holes is transformed into energy of gravitational waves.
At least 3 masses of sun worth mass was transformed into energy of gravitational wave during that measured event.
Sirius A weights 2 masses of the Sun. Sirius B is neutron star weighting little less than Sun. They are orbiting each other in distances variing between 8 and 32 AU!!! Sirius C if it exists is red dwarf with 0.05 mass of the Sun.
So what do yu want to detect with such crude instrument like LIGO? What you propose is similar like if you want to see radiowaves with eyes. Radiowaves are both quite low energy(anywhere not close to emmiter) and have very long wavelength to be seen.
Don't intermix gravity with gravitational wave!!! You do it again and again. Those are two very different things!!!
Mar 1, 2016 9:03am

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
Again, gravity is an attractive force. Article if you look at the video or image shows the the waves due to orbit or rotation, not at all "gravitational" waves.
The readout are waves from a direction or highly inaccurate, covers a large part of the area, not a single point.
Only is hypothesis that collide two imaginary bodies, at the same time these bodies show that they are in orbit around one another. Therefore waves are not caused by collisions but rotation and effects created by the rotation, do not crash.
Again cross the decline in intensity at a great distance. If you are the waves measured from a distance, is a good instrument to measure and within our galaxy (but this is easy to check but none of that).
Part of how much the body creates a "gravitational" waves is speculation, not evidence.
Mar 1, 2016 3:45pm

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Gravity is atractive force but gravitational wave is not. It is someting different. Gravitational wave is pressure wave in structure of spacetime.
Inacurances are not important. We don't know there were black holes before we measured gravitational wave. What happened is known to those scientists because they had mathematical model.
Thing is, gravitational wave is relatively weak because gravity is weak, leaking into higher dimensions, parallel universes. So energy must be enormous. There is relatively wide margin of distances those object were situated, and energy of gravitational wave was calculated down to 3 masses of Sun converted into energy.
You would need much much more exact equpment to measure smaller gravitational waves. And also, if you want to measure gravitational waves created by double star like Sirius A and B You would need base of measurement about the length as orbital distances of stars are measured. For sirius you would need LIGO of solar system size. And billions of times more accurate as energy of gravitational waves from it are minuscule in comparison to those double black hole during the merge.
Creation of gravitational waves has theory, has mathematics and now it has also proof behind it.
1 · Mar 1, 2016 5:57pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
All the time you are within speculation, beyond the evidence.
Let's get back to the real world.
The rotation of the body sends out waves that about 0.02% of the body maintains in orbit. Attractive forces following the direction, the spring force part of the body
reserves of collapse, to the body. Binary systems that share a common center is not approaching, contrary to distance themselves (Earth - Moon). Evidence for the creation of laws must be universal, can not be one now, then the opposite.
If the body does not have (independent) rotation has only attractive force (no waves). Proof are innumerable craters on the satellites.
Larger body and faster rotation = stronger waves. It is ubiquitous in the whole the universe and multi universe.
I accept only the real universe without fiction. If something can not be proven and have no basis in the evidence and common sense do not discuss (no matter how appealing war).
That there are no black holes gave you the obvious evidence, the rest perform alone. Opt for evidence or learned literature beautiful fairy tale.
Mar 1, 2016 9:24pm

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Real world huh? Rotation of body doesn't send out waves- because there is no disturbance, there are no two centres of mass. We know about superfast spinning pulsars, yet they are not source of measurable gravitational waves. No, we need two bodies orbiting each other. That is real world. I repeat it again and again and you remain in your fantasy world.
Earth-Moon is wrong example. They are very, very light. Also one of that pair is still rotating. They distaces each other because of tidal forces. Earth loses rotational speed, day lenghtens slowly. Moon lost free rotation long ago and is tidaly locked. But gravity field of such object as planets or even stars is weak breaking is very small. It would take very, very long time because of it. And it could start only when two bodies are tidaly locked. Otherwise two bodies would move slowly away from each other till they are tidaly locked. When they are tidaly locked, there is no rotational momentum left for exchange, and then closing through energy expending out by gravitational waves can start. But, for such light bodies it would take billions of years to merge this way. And it would be undetectable by our instruments even if it happens right next to measuring equipment. I doubt it would do so much as weak blip if whole Earth-Moon system evaporates into gravitational energy- which is of course impossible.
Craters are either ocured by volcanic activity, or as you are telling by impactors. Nothing wrong on this.
Two black holes emerged from one superheavy fast rotating star- I expect them to be tidaly locked from start on. Therefore no tidal forces present. And they are also very close to each other. Next you have very strong gravity field created by each black hole. Those fields are interacting. Gravitational waves are taking away energy from orbital speed. Breaking orbital speed of those black holes effectively. Breaking speed of orbit leads to lowering distance between two black holes. It goes faster and faster as they are comming closer. Because LIGO is small instrument it was capable to intercept only last few orbits(8-9 orbits). From signal it is visible that speed of orbit accelerated till those two black holes merged. We have this proof and you close your eyes in front of it and declare it fantasy. Yet you declare proofless fantasy of yours for being true. Now this is crazy grin emoticon.
1 · Mar 2, 2016 9:40am · Edited

Slavko Sedić · Zadar
Peter Švančárek
If there is no wave from where the orbits of binary systems, galaxies ..?
It's true I'm not talking about gravitational waves, but only on the waves caused by the rotation of the body. The waves can be proven unlike the hypothesis or speculation.
The body that rotates almost always has a body in orbit around him, But enough has been one body. Put in water globular body and rotate it, there are waves that spread away from the body, no gravitational waves.
Moon had no never self-rotation (he was even closer to Earth).
Rare is the case that the two bodies do not have an independent rotation, one always prevails. Rotation moment is rotation in translation.
The bodies in the regulated rotation system do not result in merger (to be registered) but rather the opposite.
Craters of the permanent impact of other bodies (note, the satellites of the planet do not have hot volcanoes, in space may be).
The technology at the beginning is always a bad advanced, but will come to her training, even though the purpose is questionable.
Mar 2, 2016 4:13pm

Peter Švančárek · Výskumný pracovník at UACH SAV Bratislava
Slavko Sedić Wave is disturbance made by object with mass. Galaxy is full of gravitational waves, but they are very, very weak. And also with very large wavelength. Only merging blackholes are capable of short wavelength and high energy disturbances which we are capable to measure. Here is about spectrum of gravitational waves and equipment capable to measure them. Acording to this page we will be maybe capable to measure two neutron stars generated gravitational waves and black hole-neutron star gravitational waves by advanced LIGO.To measure binary star system generated gravitational waves we will need much better sensitivity and base of measurement- example with help of those pulsars you mentioned earlier(pulsar timing technique), but only if acuracy of measurement will be better than projected. Time will tell. Second method which may help will be LISA(Laser Interferometer Space Antenna)
How could rotating mass (one mass, not two masses) create gravitational waves? There is no disturbance since it rotates around mass center of body. Disturbance comes with two masses rotating around each other.
MOON did rotate in past. But it is light, it was tidaly locked relatively fast.
Two objects do not become tidaly locked if they are far enough from each other. For example earth is not tidaly locked to the Sun. But if Earth was close to the Sun, for example 0.1AU then it would be tidaly locked.
Satelites of planets may have hot volcanos. There were such on the Moon And even today there are such on Jupiters moon Io. Measured temperature (Galileo) was around 1500K.
1 · Mar 2, 2016 5:40pm

Slavko Sedić · Zadar

Peter Švančárek
In this comment, you entered a lot of effort (as always). Like.

I would accept all the suggestions of the waves without a word gravitational (and no black hole and not, neutron stars).
The first link is only a hypothesis and a pat in the dark not the reality. They have information and not know what should with them.
The second link is a disaster, instead look
2. Natural Satellites and Rotation
The third link is watching in coffee grounds. Volcanoes (hot) seeking molten core (Earth, Venus) or a major collision body (Mars).
The fourth link
"However, in this relatively low-resolution view, which shows no features smaller than about 340 kilometers (210 miles) across, radiation from these small, hot regions is mixed with radiation from surrounding colder regions, are the high temperatures are not detected directly. "
I prefer ice bursts of matter due to a phase change of compound or element, because temperature IO (in relation to the environment) indicates to it.


Slavko Sedić
February 10, 2016

Meteorite, our the debris that circulating around earth, wastes from airplanes ... we are as targets in the firing range.

Meteorite Did NOT Kill Man in India: Experts

Meteorite Did NOT Kill Man in India: Experts

NASA scientists and others cast doubt on an assertion from Indian authorities that a meteorite killed a bus driver earlier this week.


5. veljača u 8:01

Now that satellite carries the gas for landing, is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of gas to drastically increase the speed (without gas leaks).
Recall, Voyager satellites are accelerated.
View: The Oort cloud. Speed of light is not the limit!…

Dwight Huth
I think Blue Origin or Space - X should tasked with building a rocket that would be able to deliver a rover to the surface of the Moon where it would conduct experiments, then return to the rocket where the rocket would then return to Earth.

Slavko Sedić
Est acceleration Voyager gives hope that low temperatures respect the different laws. Technology liquefied gas is very advanced and can cooled (designed differently) the formwork below 4.21 ° K. Exist and various composite materials for superconductivity at higher temperatures.
The road would have been reduced to 1/10 of the time required today.

NASA Weighing Dual Launches of Europa Flyby Probe and Lander

Faced with a mandate to add a lander to a planned mission to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, NASA is considering launching the two spacecraft separately.

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Do Not Criticise The Old Lady (NASA) - She Will Not Forgive You For It

The comments on the article below were the cause of a sudden and one-sided cease of cooperation. The whole history of my comments were deleted, from the very beginning until today. Only traces of them still exist on Facebook (under the name of Slavko Sedić); only the first comments are there, without further discussions by replies and quoting.

NASA Mulling Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon Enceladus
NASA already plans to launch a spacecraft to the Jupiter moon Europa in the early to mid-2020s, and it's also mulling a mission to the Saturn satellite Enceladus that...
„Enceladus has an average temperature of a bottle of nitrogen (-198 ° C). Let NASA scientists explore life in liquid nitrogen, that on Earth is closer.“ Weitter Duckss

The comment to the text, given by NASA, from:
" ... the existence of the oceans of water below the surface of the moon of Saturn, named Enceladus... ", was as follows: " ...
NASA has the obsolete, Bible-like, worldview of the origins of the objects in Universe ... the origins of Universe itself and the processes in it. Its worldview considers everything as having been created once and for all... "

I got a history of comments:

Slavko Sedić · 
Enceladus has an average temperature of a bottle of nitrogen (-198 ° C). Let NASA scientists explore life in liquid nitrogen, that on Earth is closer.
Like · Reply · Sep 1, 2015 7:22am

Jeffrey Patten · 
Research Assistant at Law Offices
That's on the surface. There is substantial evidence that there is liquid water within Enceladus, and that it is powering these geysers.
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Sep 1, 2015 7:46am

Slavko Sedić · 
Jeffrey Patten 
Those say so. The truth is closer that due to the large range of temperature occur geological activity (min. -240 ° C, max. -128 ° C). The bodies at this stage of development does not contain significant amounts of water, it is proper to bodies with a hot core and geological activities related to the molten core.
Like · Reply · Sep 2, 2015 7:38am

Jeffrey Patten · 
Research Assistant at Law Offices
Slavko Sedić - Enceladus is essentially a giant snowball. It is more than 50% water ice. According to NASA, "Data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have revealed Saturn's moon Titan likely harbors a layer of liquid water under its ice shell." See
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Sep 5, 2015 8:12am

Slavko Sedić · 
Jeffrey Patten 
I know (I looked) vision of NASA. These are just assumptions, not evidence.
NASA is keep outdated conception of formation of the body ... the universe and processes inside and outside of the universe. Those think like the Bible, everything is finally all occurred at once when to create ...

In this phase of development of the body, in terms of the environment, it is unrealistic to assume water in significant quantities (Mars teaches us about it).
Look at the composition of other bodies and the environment (material evidence) and decide for yourself Is there a water of the ocean beyond Earth.
Like · Reply · Sep 5, 2015 4:21pm

My intention was to encourage changes in the way these things are usually thought of, after having witnessed the last couple of NASA failures: NASA is searching for life on Mars (as if life on Mars was something beyond any doubt); then, there is a search to answer the question of Mars's missing atmosphere (the latest evidence have removed even the slightest possibility of something similar having existed); then, the rings of Pluto are also said to be existing beyond any doubt and would be visible once we get close enough to it (of course, there is no ring or any cloud of particles whatsoever around Pluto); ...
These are only some in the already long line of fatuities, coming from the once very respected and prominent institution. Almost everything that is coming from NASA – except for the respectable engineering works, which can also go to the next level – is unthrustworthy and you can bet with a high probability that all of it would be dismissed once material evidence are presented. This statement is almost a rule.

I have to point out that I am glad when NASA and other space agencies are moving ahead, because it is the way of progress, which has been for already a while endangered by the persistent, persevere, obsolete and progress-stopping viewpoints. One would expect these leading agencies to be a guidance to follow and not for one to be left alone, without an approach to the self-complacent and self-sufficient system, which is rarely open to an interested outsider and even if one has the access to it, one can only get irritated with their obsolete understanding of events, regardless of the evidence to the opposite.

They feel so weak that, opposite to the amendment guaranteeing the freedom of speech, they forbid the publishing of those comments to a text above, which are not the panegyrics of their scientific accomplishments –which are practically non-existing, except for the already mentioned engineering works.
It is not only illogical, but also pointless to search for the atmosphere on Mars, with the explanation that it had once existed and then later "escaped" from the planet. Almost every object, smaller or bigger, in our Solar system has the atmosphere, some of which are more prominent, some are less. It depends on the phase of development, position, whether it is a main object with its own rotation or only a satellite, age, geological processes, etc. If atmosphere did not "escape" from Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Titan,... – why would it "escape" from Mars? There is not a logical parallel to support such a conclusion.

Life (on Mars and elsewhere) is above all related to the rotation of the object (due to the temperature amplitudes) as well as to the geological processes and optimal temperatures. To find a life form of an important kind is not to be expected if the temperature is very high and levelled; it does not contribute to the creation of different chemical compounds, because it creates a monotonous surrounding, without events. It is the same if the temperature was very low, due to the same reasons. If the events are sporadic, then it is not a suitable surrounding for life preservation – even if it would by any chance occur.

Water in traces exists on the majority of objects; the more active ond long-lasting are the geological conditions on an object, the higher share of water could be found on such an object (again, it also depends on the surrounding and the conditions on an object). The laboratory of geology needs to be working constantly, because the dynamics of events, given enough time, creates life. This goes beyond our contemporary way of understanding the time flow.

The existence of rings around an object is created by the rotation of that object. It has to be faster than the one of Earth and the object needs to be more independent, with a low temperature. There has neither the first, nor the second condition been met on Pluto; it is a dual system. Satellites around objects without the independent rotation or around other satellites without rotation can not be expected (although, some distant, irregular satellites, which have some form of rotation, might be able to seize some smaller objects).

If there existed the oceans of melted matter below the surface of Io, it would have been registered in the surface temperatures. The comparative temperatures on Jupiter, Io and Europa exclude such a possibility. The volcanoes on Io are the events, characteristic for the cold objects; they manifest themselves as outbursts of a less cold matter on the moon's surface, due to the action of heating forces (on Io, it is a gravitational force).
Translated by: Zoran Ćoso


17. kolovoz u 22:08
Slavko Sedić commented on an article.

"The fast-formation method suggests that the material rapidly coalesces into a hot, mixed-up ball of gas and solid material, Macintosh said."
Asteroids, comets, gas, dust, etc. are very cold. Not exist in the universe rapid formation processes it is contrary to physics, especially gravity (gas, dust and small body), especially there is no possibility that cold body creating "that the material rapidly coalesces into a hot".

Baby Jupiter Discovery a Step Toward Rewriting Planet Formation Models

A very young gas giant planet called 51 Eridani b, located 96 light-years from Earth, has a methane-rich atmosphere, just like Jupiter. This is a first, according to a statement from Stanford University: the handful of gas giant atmospheres that scientists have been able to study contain only trace amounts of methane, despite what scientists anticipate for those types of planets.

An artist's conception of exoplanet 51 Eridani b, which resembles a very young Jupiter could help scientists write a new theory of planet formation. Credit: Danielle Futselaar and Franck Marchis, SETI Institute


6. kolovoz u 8:02

It should pay attention to the visual similarity of the cyclone and spiral galaxies.
Nearly identical appearance stems from the center of a cyclone or galaxy where he speed lengthwise of the spiral largest (in the cyclone that is about the cyclone, in galaxy "black holes").
See… and the text a few paragraphs above.

Satellite Spies Super Typhoon Soudelor from Space (Photo)

NASA's RapidScat instrument aboard theInternational Space Station and the agency's free-flying Aqua satellite peered down to observe Super Typhoon Soudelor, which registers as a Class Five typhoon — the highest classification on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale.

The storm, which has smashed its way across the western Pacific Ocean this week, boasts wind gusts of up to 220 mph (354 km/h).


The 14-mile-wide (22 kilometers) eye of Super Typhoon Soudelor is clearly visible in this optical image of Soudelor captured by NASA's Aqua satellite on Aug. 4, 2015.
Credit: NASA Goddard's MODIS Rapid Response Team


4. kolovoz u 7:49

The study was partially. Ice ages are, throughout history of the Earth, all is shorter. A steady stream of material (~ 170 tonnes per day) on the Earth contributes to higher compressive forces and constant increase the Earth's temperature, independent of the the current causes of climate change. Simultaneously the same principle applies to the sun (and all other bodies).

'Snowball Earth' Might Be Slushy

And yet our planet has gone through several frozen periods, in which a runaway climate effect led to global, or near global, ice cover. The last of these so-called "Snowball Earth" glaciations ended around 635 million years ago when complex life was just starting to develop.



24. srpanj u 17:52

Very intriguing (if the data is close to the truth)!
Density 10.4 g / cm3 means to that is formed of a lanthanide and transition elements, and of those with a large number of protons.
Temperature -8 to +17 means to that the orbit 452b closer orbit of Mars, the star quickly rotates about an axis (2o days or faster) than the Sun as well as that planet orbiting a star faster than 30 km / sec.
Geologically is active, but not as a Earth. Action of the volcano are rarely but significantly stronger.
It is not for, expect a significant greenhouse effect (as on Venus), or an atmosphere similar to Earth's.
Water should be present but in smaller amounts, the presence of life also.
Planet ideal for acquiring of wealth in mining.


Kepler-452b: What It Would Be Like to Live On Earth's 'Cousin'
A group of pioneers magically transported to the surface of Kepler-452b would instantly realize they weren't on their home planet anymore; they'd feel this truth in...


22. srpanj u 22:40

The obtained result = 10, an explanation, which represents = zero.
Galaxies are Star Cluster.
... "To condense out of cold matter during the galaxy's reionization phase", from where the light? If there is no light source (star) gas, dust, etc. do not light up, they are dark.


This Lopsided Ancient Galaxy Is the 1st View of Early Galactic Assembly The mysterious smudges central to this new image are an ancient galaxy in the throes of formation — and for the first time we can glimpse its off-kilter structure. See...


10. srpanj u 18:41

Rotation, rotation, rotation about an axis is the cause of the existence of satellites.
Quote…: The number of satellites orbiting around a planet is directly related to the mass of a planet and its rotation around its axis.
Small Pluto has a radius of 2,300 km, 0,002 of the Earth's mass; It has several satellites, one of which is really big, compared to Pluto. Pluto makes a single rotation around its axis and 6.4 days!
Mercury has a radius of 4,880 km, 0,055 of the Earth's mass; it has no satellites and neither does Venus, which radius is 12 104 km and the mass is 0.82 (!) of the Earth's mass. What they have in common is the lack of rotation (their rotation around their axes is approximately the same as their rotation around the Sun). Jupiter is the greatest planet, with a radius of 142 984 km 317.8 of the Earth's mass and it makes a single rotation around its axis and 12:41 hours. It has an impressive mass, great speed of rotation and, according to that, the greatest number of satellites, and it has rings, too. A radius of Saturn is smaller, 120 500 km, its mass is 95.2 of the Earth's mass and it makes a single rotation around its axis and 00:43 hours; that is why it has lesser number of satellites and beautiful rings ...


What Pluto Can Teach Scientists About 'Star Wars' Planet Tatooine
by Calla Cofield, Staff Writer | July 10, 2015 04:45am ET


2. srpanj u 7:25

Rings on Pluto? Quote from the article in 2013: Until some other opportunity, maybe already in spring of 2015, when the mission New horizons will have reached Pluto, to convince us that it does not have rings. The calculations are clear: slow speed of rotation around its own axis, small mass, and even though there is very favorable low temperature, there are no rings. But, it is needed to point out that the values are contiguous, which is demonstrated by the mass of its satellites. Related to their home planet, they are in terms of mass by far beyond the average of the Sun and other 8 planets.


Epic Pluto Flyby Occurs This Month
NASA's New Horizons probe will cruise within 7,800 miles (12,500 kilometers) of Pluto's surface on July 14, capturing the first-ever good looks at the frigid, faraway and mysterious world.


25. lipanj
Definition: galaxy, = set of stars (with or without a central body), dark matter does not light. Rotation of the body around its axis (here the body of galaxies) creates satellites (here a dwarf galaxy).

Quote from my website: "Let's check if there is anything in that space, which is officially considered to be void. A void space can neither increase nor decrease the speed of objects in it, or in any way participate in creating interrelations with objects or radiation .. The radiation from the Sun loses its power (intensity) with the increase of the way they traverse. There is a sunset on Pluto, and a hot day on the Moon ... The weakening of intensity is obvious and comparing the objects' Temperatures: Mercury, minimum - 173 ° C, maximum + 427 ° C; Mars, minimum -143 ° C, maximum + 35 ° C; Pluto, minimum -235 ° C with a maximum of -210 ° C, etc. The object closer to Sun are warmer on the sunny side and less cold on the dark side .. This space does not act as a void space; on the contrary, it seems to be very similar to the space with the visible matter .. "


Dwarf Galaxies Loom Large in Quest for Dark Matter (Kavli Roundtable)
To find dark matter, try peering into dwarf galaxies.


15. lipanj

If you repeat constantly: we found (Higgs boson), someone will give credence to!
Collision two flies and behold miracle, get the crocodile.
The new particles is large enough to be seen under a microscope, but certainly we have photos (if you have saved one or the other pattern).
We do not need to explore the mysteries and powers of the universe using astronomy, we have all the answers in the Large Hadron Collider!


After Higgs, Ramped-Up Collider Hunts for Next Puzzle

With the power of an early universe in its control, what will the LHC find next?


12. lipanj

Sometimes we only see our galaxy .. today only universe.
First, we have seen, the spin of the Earth, the Sun ..., galaxies, clusters of galaxies.
The rotation of the universe we can not see doing biblical thinking about the finality of it all.
The body (galaxy, cluster galaxies ..) that is spinning, has direction (orbit, rotation is not performed in the locality).
The spin of the universe is a reality, this means that the rotation gives the Universe direction (orbit), within the following sections ..
Rotation stops when the temperature drops to absolute zero, within the space of absolute zero is not only a whole .. Should be to follow only the physics and a reality.


Cosmic Confusion: Talk of Multiverses and Big Errors in Astrophysics
At the 2015 World Science Festival, four prominent astrophysicists discussed one of the most troubling (and embarrassing) puzzles in modern physics, and whether a...


30. svibnja

Black holes, sucks up matter and she eject matter, let the lectures I slept through? It seems that had evolved (in the universe or imagination?).

Galaxy Crashes May Give Birth to Powerful Space Jets

Powerful jets of material spewing from the edge of monster black holes may be more likely to arise where two galaxies have merged together, a new study suggests. Like a cosmic version of Old Faithful (the famous Yellowstone geyser), some black holes at the center of galaxies will spew jets of material into space that stretch for thousands of light-years. You can see an illustration of what these gushing pillars look like in a video of the galaxy crash discovery.



23. svibnja

The body (star) which has 20 mass of the sun is not "in the beginning". Gas has minor gravity and needs a long time to form a so large body.
The gravity of the body attracts matter (gas, smaller body ...) and not blown off them from themselves, it is evident that the body is grew to 20 mass of the sun (and still growing) ...

Strange 'Nasty' Star May Be Spawned by Cosmic Cannibalism

An ongoing act of cosmic cannibalism may be responsible for the strange appearance and unprecedented behavior of a gigantic star nicknamed "Nasty 1," a new study reports.

Observations by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have revealed a disk of gas nearly 3 trillion miles (4.8 trillion kilometers) wide surrounding Nasty 1, which is a massive, rapidly aging object known as a Wolf-Rayet star.



20. svibnja

The bodies continuously growing with inflows of new matter (asteroids ...) wherein evidence the craters. The growth of the body them moving away from the parent body (the moon ...), and not usamljem case of double body (Pluto and Charon ...).
Surprise is a very low temperature, the body in orbit, and the cause is probably a small mass and temperature the parent body.

Exoplanet Puzzle: How Is This Giant Alien Planet Too Big for Its Star?

A giant alien planet is seemingly too big for its cool dwarf star, raising questions about how it could possibly have formed, a new study reports.

Further investigation of this odd exoplanet and others like it could help scientists understand the extremes of where and how planets can form, study team members said.

An artist's impression of the red dwarf star HATS-6 and its "hot Jupiter" alien planet. Credit: ANU


14. svibnja

We have a dead bodies (galaxy), where are the corpses?
Similar to is other star systems. Around younger (smaller mass) of stars is more gas, older (as the Sun) have less gas. For the formation of the heavier elements takes longer (star decompose the elements in the lower, the higher the temperature minor the higher elements).
The Galaxy is the only cluster with or without a central authority. Processes are and in older (galaxies or stars) still present (our system). Stars may disappear, the galaxy can only change the structure, to attract other stars or fall apart..

Cosmic 'Murder Mystery' Solved: Galaxies Are 'Strangled to Death'

Astronomers may have solved the decades-long cosmic murder mystery of what kills most galaxies in the universe: They are strangled to death, so they can no longer create new stars.

For two decades, astronomers have known that there are two main classes of galaxies. About half are live, gas-rich galaxies where stars form, and the other half are dead, gas-deprived galaxies where stars do not form, said study lead author Yingjie Peng, an astronomer at the University of Cambridge in England.

This artist's impression shows one potential "strangulation" method for galaxies in which star-forming galaxies accrete into a giant, hot halo which then leads to the death of those galaxies.


11. svibnja

Advanced civilizations will not use nothing that harming herself and polluting her home. If the are advanced will not to dissipate in space that can be registered.

Advanced Alien Civilizations Still Science Fiction — For Now

A wide-ranging search of faraway galaxies has turned up no obvious signs of advanced alien civilizations.

A team of scientists dug through observations made by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft, hunting for telltale heat signatures coming from 100,000 galaxies— a strategy suggested by theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson back in the 1960s.

A false-color image of the mid-infrared emission from the Great Galaxy in Andromeda, as seen by Nasa's WISE space telescope.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/WISE Team


9. svibnja

Article does not take into account the existing evidence.
Weight (size) of the body need not be proportional to the atmosphere of the body (earth, Titanija, Venus, Mars, the Moon ...).
At the ocean bottom we have a life that is the answer to the question.

Life Needs An Atmosphere, But How Much Is Too Much?

How much atmosphere is too much for life? As scientists discover more super-Earths and mini-Neptunes, the question becomes more relevant.

Often, the rocky cores of these planets are believed to be about the same size, while the distinguishing difference is the size of the atmosphere. Mini-Neptunes look more like gas giants, witha thicker atmosphere that would create too much pressure at the surface, and super-Earths have a much thinner layer.

New research indicates that M dwarf stars could strip away just enough atmosphere from mini-Neptunes to make them more habitable.
Credit: NASA/Rodrigo Luger


16. travanj 2015.

It is interesting that the universe (for woodworm) always shows in two dimensions rather than as a volume in six directions.
How to bend the space, volume (the ball) radius of many billions of light-years in two dimensions look like as office paper?

What is a Wormhole?
A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity. But be wary: wormholes bring with them the dangers of sudden collapse, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter.

A model of 'folded' space-time illustrates how a wormhole bridge might form with at least two mouths that are connected to a single throat or tube.
Credit: edobric | Shutterstock


14. travanj

It's time to spin the body put in focus.
The bodies which have their own spin have satellites, faster spin and lower temperatures create rings. Also for smaller bodies should specify the speed of rotation around the axis, faster rotation (one or more turns per day) gives rings. The cooler the rotation may be less (closer to 1).
This principle applies to the whole universe, not for special locations, colors, collisions and the like. More in the processes in the Universe ( Universe and rotation (new 2015.)

Weird Comet-Asteroid 'Centaur' May Have Rings

Astronomers have spotted possible rings around the minor planet Chiron, suggesting that ring systems may be more common throughout the solar system than scientists had previously thought.
A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) saw signs of rings while watching Chiron — a 145-mile-wide (233 kilometers) object that orbits between Saturn and Uranus — pass in front of a bright star, in a process known as an occultation.
An illustration shows the rings from the surface of the ice-rock centaur Chiron.
Credit: European Southern Observatory


9. travanj

Should be open the eyes looking at the universe and not the coffee grounds. The bodies grow initially grew as today. The universe has its own rhythm and rules and not be governed by fantasies. Matter is to attract and grow, only a small part of a short (in the Space measures) remains in orbit around the parent body because of rotation of the body around its axis..

How the Moon Formed: Violent Cosmic Crash Theory Gets Double Boost

The formation of the moon has long remained a mystery, but new studies support the theory that the moon was formed from debris left from a collision between the newborn Earth and a Mars-size rock, with a veneer of meteorites coating both afterward.
Earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago, and scientists think the moon arose a short time later. The leading explanation for the moon's origin, known as the Giant Impact Hypothesis, was first proposed in the 1970s. It suggests the moon resulted from the collision of two protoplanets, or embryonic worlds. One of those was the just-forming Earth, and the other was a Mars-size object called Theia. The moon then coalesced from the debris.

This image depicts the catastrophic collision of two planetary bodies similar in composition that led to the formation of the Earth and its moon 4.5 billion years ago.
Credit: Hagai Perets


26. ožujka

Let us leave of thinking about the colonization of the body that are extreme unsuitable for life and go to nearby stars.

What It Would Be Like to Live on Neptune's Moon Triton

Neptune, like the other gas giants in our solar system, doesn't have much of a solid surface to live on. But the planet's largest moon, Triton, could make an interesting place to set up a space colony.
So far, only a single spacecraft has ever visited Triton. In the summer of 1989, Voyager 2 flew by Neptune and its system, and was able to photograph the southern hemisphere of the moon.

While living on Neptune's moon Triton, you'd be subjected to the coldest temperatures in the solar system, incredibly weak gravity and retrograde sunrises and sunsets. This image of Triton was taken by NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989.
Credit: NASA/JPL


24. ožujka

The bodies in the universe is constantly growing. Every body at some time has been perfect for some kind of life. On Earth it is today, but it will "soon" be a small star (dwarf).

Extrasolar Planets Are, Almost, Everywhere (Op-Ed)

... With about 300 billion stars in our galaxy, our result means there are 600 ± 300 billion planets in circumstellar habitable zones in our galaxy.
In the observable universe there are about 100 billion galaxies. Thus there are approximately 1022 stars in the observable universe and twice that many planets in circumstellar habitable zones in the universe.

The Goldilocks zone or habitable zone around a star is where the temperature is just right to have liquid water. Our new result suggests that there are, on average, two planets in the habitable zone.
Credit: Aditya Chopra, ANU, adapted from NASA/JPL


21. ožujka

The emergence of gas and dust at the end of the universe is not new. At the ends of star systems and galaxies have same event. Dust and gas, among bodies that are spinning (stars, galaxies, universe), is located at the end of the system where are low temperature (below 12 Kelvin).

Supernovas Spawned Space Dust for Ancient Galaxies, Study Finds

Giant dust clouds seen in the early universe may have been created by exploding stars, a discovery that suggests supernovas were prolific space dust factories for ancient galaxies, scientists say.
This finding, which was made by the SOFIA flying observatory, may shed light on how the dust that helped form countless stars and galaxies was created, the scientists added.

Scientists have discovered that ancient supernovas may have been the cosmic dust factories that provided raw material for early galaxies. Here, images from the SOFIA flying observatory show the 10,000-year-old Sagittarius A East supernova remnant, where surviving dust is outlined in white contours.
Credit: Ryan Lau et al. with observations from SOFIA/FORCAST, Herschel/PACS, Chandra/ACIS-I, and the VLA


14. ožujka

One should not look for similarities with Earth, every body is special, only are legality of (not conditions) the same. There is no evidence that we have a hot core, may not be liquid water.
Magnetic fields (here are very weak) coming from different densities of layers Ganymede that slightly moving and in the composition have traces of magnetic elements.

Jupiter's Moon Ganymede Has a Salty Ocean with More Water than Earth

...Scientists have also found that Ganymede's surface shows signs of flooding. Young parts of Ganymede seen in a video map may have been formed by water bubbling up from the interior of the moon through faults or cryo-volcanos at some point in the moon's history, Green said.

In this artist’s conceptual illustration, the moon Ganymede orbits giant planet Jupiter. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope detected auroras on the moon controlled by Ganymede's magnetic fields. Image released March 12, 2015.
Credit: NASA/ESA


12. ožujka

Wishful thinking. It is good to explore, but be reasonable. The odds that on on Enceladus there is liquid water are non-existent (no minimum). Liquid water mean hot core (for which there are no conditions) or strong gravitational forces from multiple sources (not the case here).

Hot Springs on Saturn's Moon Enceladus Powered by Hydrothermal Vents

Hot springs on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus suggest that the floor of the satellite's subsurface ocean may be home to near-boiling temperatures, researchers say.
This finding is the first evidence of active hydrothermal vents beyond the oceans of Earth. Moreover, conditions deep under the icy surface of Enceladus could be similar to those that gave rise to the first life on Earth, the researchers reported in the new study.


Diagram showing the geysers that erupt from the south pole of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus. New research suggests that Enceladus' geysers are powered by hydrothermal activity. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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